MrsBud’s Books is an independent online retail bookstore. We offer hundreds of thousands of titles in books, music and video though our online store.

Our 20% discount on trade books is the same found in airports and retailers. We offer .99¢ flat rate shipping and most orders ship within 24 hours.

You’ll find all the latest releases and NY Times and Billboard best sellers. You can also pre-order your favorite book and music titles before they’re released.

What is an ‘Indy’

Independent bookstores are often overlooked for the now ubiquitous Amazon. For literally centuries, bookstores could be found on Main Streets across America. Often the next generation took over these small Mom & Pop stores. The Indies are all mostly gone now. Borders Books couldn’t hold on. Barnes & Noble is still hang in in there. Ironically, Amazon is now making “Brick & Mortar” sexy again. The circle of life.

The e-commerce boom has opened up opportunities for a new generation of Indies. It’s possible to start an online bookstore with no brick & mortar overhead. I partnered with Baker & Taylor and opened a MyBooksandMore site in 2009, allowing me to offer hundreds of thousands of titles in books, music and video. I originally bought it to sell cookbooks for another site.

cropped-cropped-cropped-big-league-trump1.jpgAs an independent, I curate lists of books, music and video to feature and write about. As an avid supporter of President Trump, most of the books I write about are the ones features on Fox News and other conservative news outlets or blogs.

I hope visitors to this website will find the information enjoyable and helpful. I appreciate your comments, feedback and support.

Who is MrsBud?

A dear late friend and boss nicknamed me ‘MrsBud’ in 1986 and it stuck. My license plate has been 4MRSBUD since 1988. My husband Richard and I even owned a chain of MrsBud’s Florist shops in Sacramento the early ’90s.

I was born in Glendale, CA, in 1957 (hence the Twitter handle @MrsBud57). I grew up in a working-class neighborhood on the Glendale/Burbank border during the 1960’s. Richard and I were married in 1983 and live in NW Los Angeles County.

My professional background is in book publishing, having started in college textbook production in 1978. I had a very successful (but stressful) career and semi-retired in 1996. Richard is a newspaper publisher in the South Bay of L.A., and we have published and sold many newspapers and magazines over years. I still do freelance editing and production from my home office graphics studio.

— Chris Budman (MrsBud)